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This is the home of the North American Xor Football League, or NAXFL for short. It is a simulation of a pro football league with teams ranging from Dawson and Thunder Bay in Canada throughout the U.S.A. to Durango in Mexico. The games are played using the old PC football simulator made by the Xor Corporation called NFL Challenge.

About the league.

Here are the rules for teams, players and seasons. These are subject to change should a new conflict or incongruity appear or someone comes up with a better idea, but they are much more stable now than in previous seasons.
Concepts - The vision of the league, including explanations of how the various areas (teams, drafts, seasons, careers, etc.) will be handled.
Injury Rules - The game has in game injuries but they do not carry over to the next game. In order to more closely mimic an actual football league the injury rules were created.
Tie-Breakers - Similar to NFL tie-breakers but with differences that take advantage of the fact this is a game without real life risks to players!
Player Position Changes - These rules help to keep position changes realistic while still allowing for alternate offenses and defenses.

NAXFL now has a YouTube channel! You can view games in their entirety here.
We always welcome new participants. Send an e-mail if you are interested in joining or would like to receive the mailings of results and news about the league.
NAXFL has a Twitter feed if you want to get more current game results and other news here.

Season 01: 2006-2007
Season 02: 2007-2008
Season 03: 2008-2009
Season 04: 2010-2011
Season 05: 2011-2012
Season 06: 2012-2013
Season 07: 2013-2014
Season 08: 2015-In Process

A note to any of the game's creators, on the unlikely chance that one of them should stumble upon this page. I would dearly love to see the source code made available so the game can once again undergo development. I would pay for this but not being wealthy could not pay a lot. Not, I'm sure, what it is worth. Also, I don't have the coding skills to do much more than some tuning to the code. Obviously, all of the NFL licensed stuff would have to be removed. I am thinking more in the lines of a Sourceforge project. I believe it would attract a lot of attention. There are a lot of people out there that remember this game and a lot of them are from the days when computer users also knew how to code. In any case, I would appreciate any information anyone has on what became of the original source code or who has the rights to it.

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