This is the home of the North American Xor Football League, or NAXFL for short. It is a simulation of a pro football league with teams ranging from Dawson and Thunder Bay in Canada throughout the U.S.A to Monterrey and Durango in Mexico.

Participants take the part of the general manager/executive coach of a football team, acquiring talent through drafts and building a team that will hopefully perform well on game day. As GM you make the draft picks and set up a plan to build a roster that can get your team into the playoffs, all the while staying under the "cap". As "coach" you select the starting lineup and choose the options for the computer coach (aggressive, balanced or conservative on both offense and/or defense). Once the season starts your required participation is only minutes a month, answering e-mails about injury replacements, lineup or coaching changes. However, you can get more deeply into the game if you wish, studying your team's (and others') results and learning how to tweak your lineup to achieve ultimate results. Something as simple as switching a couple linebackers around may be what it takes to put your team over the top or you may have to make wholesale changes in your team's philosophy to reverse a losing streak. Some GM's have come up with novel offenses and defenses with varied results. The trick, of course, is to figure it all out just in time to qualify for the playoffs. The number one seed has won only one championship in the league's seven seasons so far! If you want to participate more fully there is discussion about the game and how it works, rules to formulate and discuss, etc. You are free of course to experiment as much as you like on your own and incorporate your findings into your team.

If you are interested send me an e-mail to the address at the bottom of the main page.

The league consists of teams initially created from a template. Although theoretically equal, it was apparent that certain formulas worked better for creating new teams. Through drafts over several seasons the teams have changed, some greatly from their original style, some have stuck close to their original style, some are better and some are worse. A good draft can elevate a team to a playoff run while a bad draft or wrong personnel decisions can cause a team to struggle for several seasons. In the long run I envision the league mimicking a professional football league, with franchise fortunes rising and falling, mini-dynasties, Hall of Fame caliber players, one year wonders and career disappointments, etc.

The games themselves are played using the PC football simulator created by the Xor Corporation called NFL Challenge. It is freely available and despite the fact it is nearly 30 years old it is still one of the best football simulators ever created. The idea is to understand how to make your team match what works well with the game. Once the teams are set up each week the computer runs the games. There are 20 "pro" teams and 12 "college" teams. Each GM/Coach manages a pro team. The college teams are there to provide talent for the pro teams.

We always welcome inquiries from potential new participants. There are no more openings for new teams but there are teams that can be taken over by anyone willing. You can even take over a team in the middle of the season. If you are interested let me know. You won't have to invest anything but a few minutes of time once every week or so, getting the report on your team and making any necessary personnel and coaching decisions. I do it mostly because I enjoy sports stats. I like watching the stats races in each category, I like watching and seeing how the games play out and what the end results are. I have a vision of a long running league with its own history, its own Hall of Fame, its own dynasties and record books and so on.

The teams currently include the Las Vegas Villains, Katahdin Heroes, New York Nads, Grand Rapids Strikers, Thunder Bay Giants, Wichita Falls Average, Topeka Evil, Washington Leaders, New Jersey Jints, San Antonio Psychos, Chicago Blues, Durango Diablos, Madison Minds, Denver Outlaws, Berkeley Thought, Dawson Huskies, Death Valley 49ers, Philadelphia Brawlers, Daytona Beach Bums and the Milwaukee Beers.